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Combination Tour - Visiting (Southern and Northern Ethiopia)

Number of Day 18 days Number of DayWT -023

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Journey to the Roof of Africa gives one an ample opportunity to discover and enjoy many of Ethiopia’s cultural heritage and its exotic, beautiful and picturesque landscapes. Prehistoric (B.C) monolithic moments of Axum, 4th century Coptic churches, 12th century monasteries on Lake Tana, 11th Century rock hewn churches of Lalibella, 17th Century Castles at Gonder, the gorgeous Nile falls and breathtaking Semien Mountains are among the warders you will see. In contrast with the old the new faces of our towns on the route will truly astound you and take you back and forth in time.

Day 1 - Arrival day

Airport and transfer your Hotel

Day 2 - Addis - Arbaminch

Drive Arbaminch on the way visit south Rift valley Lakes and see the spectacular scenery and Green covered lands of the country. O/n Hotel/

Day 3 - Arbaminch

Full day Arbaminch to visit Netchsar National park which protects varsities of savannah habitats, ranging from the knotted acacia scrub on the bridge of wide scenery. Once across the bridge, there are sweeping views over the plains to majestic volcanic hills on the eastern boundary. After lunch drive for boat rid on Lake cahmo to enjoy the most spectacular scenery of lake and see the largest crocodile, species which riches until 6-meter length / Crocodile Market/ of the African continent as well as birds species. After visit Back to Hotel.

Day 4 - Arbaminch - Jinka

Drive Jinka with short stop to visit people of Konso,Tsemay,Bena and Ari tribes. Which are nice and different for their hairstyle and way of dressing/ O/n Hotel/

Day 5 - Jinka - Mursi - Jinka

Early drive Mursi Villages, the most celebrated residents of south omo. Where you can see their interesting culture like women when age reaches about 20,silt is cut between lower lip and mouth. Over the next year, the gap is progressively stretched until it is large enough for small circular clay plate, so the plate is replaced with the larger one, the process that is repeated until eventually the gap is large enough to hold the clay plate. the larger the lip plate women can wear, the greater her value when she is married. after visit drive back jinka trough Mago National Park. O/n / Hotel/

Day 6 - Jinka - Turmi

Drive to Turmi via Key Afer village the region of the very nice Hammer people with unique hairstyle, Cultures, ornaments and traditions. If you are interested to cover the expense, the Hammers traditional dance will be arrange by your guide. And if you luck you will see also the Hammer people marriage ceremony. O/n / Camping/

Day 7 - Turmi - Omorate - Turmi

Drive Dasench Village omo rate to visit the omo river and Geleb people after visit drive back Turmi. If it is Saturday or Monday you will visit the Market. O/n / Turmi Camping/

Day 8 - Turmi - Murile - Turmi

Drive Murile to visit karo people this people are the best known for elaborate Body painting and Omo river with Korcho village./ Camping Turmi/

Day 9 - Turmi - Konso

Drive back Konso via Erbore visiting the marled tribes, which are migrated to their present homeland from Konso perhaps two centuries ago. Because their ancestral and cultural links to konso and the paternalists of the surrounding lowland, they played an important role as middlemen in trade between people omo of river and Konso highlands. On arrival visit Konso village O/n / Hotel/

Day 10 - Konso - Yabello

Drive Yabello on the way visit Borena people and after non drive Dubluk to visit the singing walls. O/n / Hotel/

Day 11 - Yabello - Awassa

Drive Awassa on the way visit the interesting Green coffee plant and some of traditional villages. O/n /Hotel/

Day 12 - Awassa- Awash

After fish Market drive wondogent the hot spring place after relax with swimming pool drive continue Awash and visit the National Park.O/n/ Hotel/.

Day 13 - Awash - Komblocha

Drive Kombolcha on the way visit the Afar people and village. O/n /Hotel/

Day 14 - Komblocha - Lalibela

Drive Lalibela on the way visit Amhara Reghion.O/n/Hotel/

Day 15- Lalibela

Drive Bhairdar on the way back visit the region of Amhara and people .O/n/Hotel/

Day 16- Lalibela - Bahirdar

Drive Bhairdar on the way back visit the region of Amhara and people .O/n/Hotel/

Day 17- Bahirdar

Morning visits the Blue Nile falls and after noon visit the Monastery by Motor Boat on Tana Lake.O/n/ Hotel/

Day 18- Bahirdar - Addis

Early drive Addis Ababa on the way visit interesting Land scape, people and Blue Nile Gorge. On arrival departure